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Horten Skewer by Dave_Ahn

Horten Skewer
by Dave_Ahn

This is a fan art of WAYNE BARLOWE'S EXPEDITION. Skewer is a flying creature on Darwin IV the planet on Expedition. It has 4 bio-engines on its wings and can fly quickly on sky cos of these engines. When skewer hunts its game, it uses boom-and-zoom tactics and stabs neck or body of its victim with its long mouth like a needle.

This pic is a subspecies of skewer. Horten skewer is motivated for Horten Ho 229, ww2 german jet fighter. Ho 229 was like a B-2 stealth bomber. But it was a bi-engine fighter and interceptor and its main target was bombers like B-17, B-29, and Lancaster.

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Submitted: April 11, 2019

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