Drawpile 2.1.15 release

Dec. 7, 2019

Version 2.1.15 is now out. This release primarily contains improvements to the server and a couple small new features to the client application.

One important new feature is support for "portable" mode. If Drawpile is started with the command line option --portable-data-dir PATH, it will store all its configuration in the given path. This allows you to copy the entire Drawpile folder to a USB stick and have all your settings travel with it.

Another new feature is related to the upcoming "Communities" section on the website. There is a new button titled "Add" in the Join dialog. When clicked, Drawpile will try to access http://SERVER-NAME/. If it finds a HTML <meta> tag with the name drawpile:list-server and a URL in the content, Drawpile will add it to the list shown in the dialog.

Server changes:

  • Added support for list server API 1.6
  • Added ext_host and ext_port fields to status API endpoint
  • Abuse report token can now be set via admin API
  • List server whitelist can now be edited via the API
  • Fixed memory leak in admin API
  • The server can now also serve web admin site static files
  • Server-gui: Added "welcome message" field

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Drawpile-cmd: OpenRaster export format now works
  • Added command line option to override data and config paths (portable app mode)
  • Added "closed" session list filtering option
  • Added "Add" button to join dialog for adding the server's associated list server