Public sessions

If you are hosting a public session, you can announce it on a listing server by checking the Announce checkbox in the Host dialog. The default listing server is the one here at

You can join an announced session directly from Drawpile by clicking on the Find button in the Join dialog.

Note. If you announce a public, non password-protected drawing session containing adult content, please tag it as such, either by adding a keyword to the title and/or setting the NSFM checkbox.


Session announcement works by sending a notification to the listing server and updating it while the session is live. An announcement will be removed if it has not been updated for a few minutes.

A list server and a drawpile server are different things. Drawpile server is the thing that hosts the actual session. The list server just hosts a list of links to active sessions. (There is both a list server and a drawpile server here at

If you get a message from the announcement server saying your host address is an IPv6 address, that’s just the server letting you know that your public address is an IPv6 address. At the moment, global IPv6 adoption is only around 16%, so many people may not be able to connect to your session.

If you get a message saying max listing count exceeded, it means you have reached the limit of simultaneous active session announcements for this server. In order to minimize spam, only three active announcements are accepted per server. However, the limit is increased if your server has a domain name! Any domain name, including a free one from or the like will do, as long as the name resolves to your server’s IP address. Just set the --local-hostname argument on your server.

Public server

A free to use server is available at To host a session there, select the Remote option in the Host dialog and enter in the text box.

This public server is provided primarily for the benefit of those who are unable to host sessions on their own computers. It has limited capacity, so please be considerate of others and try not to monopolize the available space.

Before using the server, please read these terms of use:

  • Do not share any illegal material
  • No harassment of other users
  • If your session contains adult content, please tag it as NSFM
  • This is a public server. There is no privacy even in password protected sessions. Sessions may be recorded for testing, development and/or moderation purposes.
  • Copyright of each contribution belongs to the artist. Ask for permission before reposting.

Violating these rules may result in an IP ban.