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A family-friendly hosting server, dedicated to SFW sessions.


No lewd/controversial usernames. No lewd/controversial room names. To simplify, artistic nudity is not allowed, due to people using this as an excuse. No visible female nipples, no visible genitalia. This server is for SFW sessions only! All NSFW marked sessions are subject to termination. You will get strikes on drawing NSFW. Three strikes is a ban.

Additionally, common community guidelines apply.

This server is open to unregistered users.

You can use drawpile.net accounts on this server.

Only SFW content allowed




You can see these sessions directly inside Drawpile by adding this list server.
Simply enter cloudywave.net in the Join dialog and click the Add button.
Alternatively, you can add it via the List Servers tab of the Preferences dialog by copy pasting this URL: https://cloudywave.net/listing/