How do I...

I found a bug

You can report bugs at the issue tracker.

When making a bug report, please include all the relevant detail that you can. A one liner such as "Feature X doesn't work" will be followed up by me asking "how doesn't it work?", so please preempt that question by explaining the bug in more detail.

Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug would be immensely helpful, but I recognize that this is not always possible.

I have a feature request

You can also submit feature requests at the issue tracker.

If you're requesting several unrelated features, please make a new issue for each one. This helps me keep track of them all. When many features are lumped together in a single issue, it's very easy to forget about the others after one has been implemented.

Website related bug reports and feature requests

Requests related to this website should go to the website's issue tracker.