Version 2.2 beta 3, now with MyPaint brushes

Aug. 20, 2022

The third beta of the 2.2 series is now out. This one includes a special last minute addition courtesy of Askmeaboutloom: support for MyPaint brushes!

Changes in this release include:

  • MyPaint brushes
  • MyPaint style 15 bit color channels. This fixes the color artifact issues that have plaged previous versions.
  • Removed popup notifications for join and leave events
  • Fixed skew when scaling a selection from the top-right handle
  • Fixed mouse droppings when for large brush outline widths
  • Fixed laser trail persistence selection
  • Split color wheel, sliders and palette into separate docks
  • Fixed "no guest logins" checkbox eanbled state
  • Fixed session snapshot missing the timeline
  • Timeline editor is now disabled when missing timeline edit permission
  • Timeline editor now shows the selected layer
  • Layer forward/backward shortcuts now also autoselects the corresponding layer


Version 2.2 beta 2

Aug. 11, 2022

Hot on the heels of the first 2.2 beta, the second beta release is now out!

This version fixes many issues discovered in the previous release.

Changes include:

  • Fixed smudge color sampling mask offset
  • Fixed annotation loading
  • Added support for /alert chat command in private chats
  • Fixed crash if a group layer was moved by layer deletion
  • Fixed layer lock status updating
  • Fixed preserved chat mode
  • Annotation creator name is now shown in the dock titlebar
  • Restored palette write-protect feature
  • Fixed brush slider limit preferences
  • Layers hidden in frame/onionskin mode are now grayed out in the layer box
  • Modifying the timeline now updates the view immediately
  • New identicon style


Version 2.2 beta

Aug. 4, 2022

A long time in the works, the first beta release of Drawpile 2.2 is out!

Despite the seemingly small version number bump, 2.2.0 will be a major release, including many new features and a complete rewrite of the paint engine.

You can download the beta release and give the new features a try. Do note that this is still a Beta version, so you may encounter bugs and broken features!

Two key features introduced in the 2.2 release are group layers and animation timeline.


Version 2.1.20 (and 2.2 development)

Sept. 12, 2021

Version 2.1.20 is out. This is a minor bugfix update and possibly the final release of the 2.1.x series.

Changes include:

  • Updated Portugese translations
  • Added more angles to canvas rotation dropdown menu
  • Fixed inconsistency in classic brush rendering
  • Fixed inconsistency in layer resize color sampling
  • Theme (Windows Vista style / Fusion / Fusion Dark mode) is now selectable
  • Fixed that a cleared annotation would not count as empty for the "delete empty annotations" command

This release marks the end of the 2.1 series as the main development branch and the beginning of the development of version 2.2. All new feature development will now happen in the 2.2 branch and only bugfix releases will be made for the 2.1 series.

The dev-2.2 branch incorporates the "rustpile" branch, which is a partial rewrite of Drawpile's core in the Rust programming language. The change in engines is mostly invisible to the end user, except for the increase in performance and stability.


Version 2.1.19

Aug. 6, 2021

Hot on the heels of the previous release is version 2.1.19. Among other improvements, this release fixes a performance regression that got into the last version.

Changes include:

  • Fixed performance regression (noticeable especially when using the selection tool on large boards)
  • Fixed crash when adding a new input preset
  • On Windows, the "fusion" widget style is now always used for consistency. (Previously, fusion style was used only with the dark mode.)
  • Added a canvas rotation widget to the status bar.
  • Fixed that invalid canvas resize commands could crash the application
  • Unfinished indirect strokes now get exported properly
  • Fixed graphical corruption in navigator at the start of a session.