Drawpile 0.9.5 released

Oct. 17, 2014

Version 0.9.5 of Drawpile is now available for download!

As usual, this release contains a few feature improvements as well as bug fixes. Notable improvements are:

  • Added Czech translation
  • Improved canvas zooming and rotation
  • An option to disable tablet events
  • Tool specific cursors
  • Flood fill expansion
  • Added "recolor" (preserve alpha) blending mode
  • Fixed language fallback (The wrong translation would be loaded on some non-English systems)

This release also contains a few Mac specific improvements:

  • Support for OSX versions 10.7 "Lion" and newer
  • Multitouch pinch/pan gestures
  • Retina display support


Drawpile 0.9.4 released

Aug. 15, 2014

Version 0.9.4 of Drawpile is now available for download!

This release includes many bug fixes and usability enhancements, as well as a few new features. Notable improvements are:

  • Redesigned color docks: palette box and RGB/HSV sliders are now combined into a single dock and a color wheel was added.
  • New chat command to simulate dice rolls for online tabletop gaming
  • Layer locking is now supported in offline mode
  • Chat history can be optionally preserved
  • Improved drag & drop support
  • Added flood fill tool

For a full list of changes refer to the Changelog and Git commit history. There are no protocol changes in this version, meaning this version is fully compatible with the previous one.


New website!

July 29, 2014

About 9 months ago, I (that is, the main Drawpile developer) revived the project after a much too long hiatus. Since then, development has been progressing steadily and the official 1.0 release is on the horizon. In preparation for that event, I thought it was high time time to drag the web site to this decade as well.

The big changes—aside from the refreshed look—are the new domain (drawpile.net), a new easier to use download area and online documentation.

Most of the documentation is mirrored from the Drawpile GitHub Wiki. The Wiki is now updated as new features are developed, while the documentation on this site is kept up with the latest release version.