Drawpile 2.1.11 release

June 23, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.11 is now out. In addition to bug fixes, this release adds one long awaited feature: the ability to detach the chat box into a separate window.

Another important change is to the server. IP bans now only apply to guest users. When a user with a registered account is banned, the ban is applied to the account only. This is to combat false positives caused by many unrelated people sharing the same IP address because of NAT.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed that brush color was uninitialized on fresh install
  • Fixed that using "/me" in a direct message would send it as a public message
  • Fixed incorrect layer when moving selection if active layer was changed before the move ended
  • Fixed single pixel shift when moving or copy&pasting freeform selections
  • Fixed that read-only listservers were included in the session settings "add listing" buttons
  • Client now refuses to autoreset if it knows it isn't fully caught up yet

Other changes:

  • Join dialog's session list sort order and column is now remembered
  • Server: registered user bans are no longer IP bans
  • Server: op and trusted status is now remembered by user account, rather than username
  • An error message is now shown if a login message is oversize
  • Chat box can now be detached into its own window


Drawpile 2.1.10 release

May 30, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.10 is now out. This is a bugfix release with no new features.

The most important change in this version is reduced memory consumption. An error in 2.1.8 ended up causing excessive memory use when joining a large session, which could cause the application to crash when it ran out of memory, especially when using the 32 bit version. This release should fix that and allow the other changes that were added in that version to work properly, leading to even smaller memory footprint than the previous version.

Bugs fixed in 2.1.10:

  • Fixed that settings for the built-in server (such as the default port) were being ignored
  • Fixed that an early undo could clear out the canvas size
  • Fixed excessive memory consumption
  • Fixed canvas jumping when resized by another user
  • Fixed extra messages at the beginning of a session recording
  • Server: fixed that web-admin API HTTP headers were case sensitive

Other changes:

  • Bundled color widgets updated to latest upstream version
  • Application version number is now shown in a tooltip if a session is incompatible


Drawpile 2.1.9 release

May 19, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.9 is now out. In addition to bug fixes, this release contains a major change to the built-in server.

Now, when hosting a session using the "This computer" option, a new thick server is used. In practice this means the server no longer needs autoresets and each user joining gets a fresh snapshot of the canvas, ensuring fast login time.

This is a new, still somewhat experimental, feature. If you encounter any bugs, please report them at the bug tracker or the Discord server. If you need or prefer the "thin server" style where the whole session history is sent to new users, you can use the dedicated server instead of the built-in one.

Presently, the standalone/dedicated version of the thick server is still a work in progress and only included in the source code release.

Note: if you're running a headless dedicated server, check your command line arguments when updating to 2.1.9. The --secure argument has been removed. If TLS is enabled, secure mode is now always used. (The client has never offered an option not to use TLS if it is available. This option was for the benefit of Windows clients in early versions when TLS support was not reliably present in the Windows build.)

Bugs fixed in 2.1.9:

  • Fixed that disabled brush slots were still selectable with a keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed potential crash when logging in to a session
  • Ctrl+C shortcut now works in the chat box
  • Server: fixed crash when using file sessions (regression)
  • Fixed duplicate entries in the "Nearby" server list
  • Very long pinned chat messages no longer force the window to become wider

Other changes:

  • Incompatible sessions are no longer hidden in from the Join dialog
  • Added support for read-only list servers
  • The built-in server is now based on the new Thick Server
  • Server: added support for real password hashing algorithms
  • Server: removed argument --secure (secure mode is now always used if TLS is enabled)


Drawpile 2.1.8 release

May 4, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.8 is now out. This release contains a few bug fixes and feature improvements.

In the macOS build, the bundled Qt library version has been updated to the latest version. This enables Dark Mode support on macOS Mojave, and may improve high-DPI screen support as well.

Bugs fixed:

  • Server: fixed crash when closing a session
  • Fixed formatting in update check dialog when more than one new version is shown
  • Drag&dropping a link to an image onto the canvas now works again
  • Fixed crash when opening an OpenRaster file with missing stack.xml

Feature enhancements:

  • Server: listings are now refreshed in batches instead of individually
  • Background color alpha can now be set in the "new image" dialog
  • Adaptive canvas zoom slider: the minimum value is now always the zoom level needed to fit the whole canvas on screen. Read more
  • Drawpile can now download the latest version via the "check for updates" dialog
  • New more efficient recording index format. Indexes are now generated faster and the files are smaller. Read more
  • Enabled dark appearance support on macOS
  • Memory usage optimization: only the minimum amount of session history is now kept in memory
  • Manual session reset snapshots are now retained separately for one minute
  • NSFW sessions are no longer hidden by default


Drawpile 2.1.7 release

April 13, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.7 is now out. Only a few changes in this version. The most important one is the properly patched Qt library in the Windows version, which should fix some tablet problems.

Other changes in this version are:

  • Added Ukranian translation (thanks to Yuri Chornoivan)
  • Fix navigator not updating correctly on canvas resize
  • Improved join dialog:
  • Removed list server selection dropdown. Instead, all listings are shown together in the same box
  • Replaced the filter buttons with labeled checkboxes
  • The session list box can now be hidden by simply resizing the dialog
  • The dialog now remembers its size