Drawpile 2.0 beta 2 released

Jan. 9, 2017

The second beta of 2.0 is now out! This release fixes many bugs discovered in the previous release (special thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports!), restores some missing features and adds a couple of new ones.

The 2.0 version is not compatible with the 1.0 series or the first beta. Compatibility with future versions is not guaranteed until 2.0 final is released.

Key improvements in this version include:

  • Automatic session resetting when space is low
  • Sessions no longer terminate when they run out of space
  • Dedicated server configuration is now stored in a SQLite database
  • HTTP admin API is back, and most server settings can now be changed through it.
  • Users can now be banned from individual sessions
  • Session settings can now be changed from the GUI
  • Graphical mode for the standalone server (unfinished)
  • Lots of bug fixes

Features that are still missing:

  • Server HTTP admin API is not yet fully implemented
  • Session hibernation will come in the next version

To get 2.0 stabilized quickly, your help is needed! If you find a bug or a feature that is missing or not working anymore, please report it on the issue tracker, the Facebook group or even just by email.


Drawpile 1.0.6 released

Dec. 16, 2016

Drawpile 1.0.6 is now out!

This release introduces a couple of new features to help session moderation, as well as a few bugfixes.

The new features are:

  • Server: session expiration time now works as an idle timeout
  • Server: added /opword command (see the session moderation tips page for details)
  • Name of the user who created an annotation is now displayed next to the text edit box
  • Server now sends log messages for every operator command
  • Docks can now be locked in place

Bug fixes and other changes:

  • Fill and paste commands are now correctly enabled/disabled when user's operator status changes
  • Fixed freeform selection fill blending mode
  • Cut and fill operations now only work on selections to make it less easy to accidentally erase whole layers
  • User cursor is now shown for paste and fill operations
  • Server: kicked users are now immediately removed from the session, without waiting for the connection to gracefully terminate.


Drawpile 1.0.5 released

Oct. 15, 2016

Drawpile 1.0.5 is now out!

This is a minor release that fixes a couple of bugs. Changes in this version are:

  • Fixed loading of custom palettes on OSX (bug introduced in version 1.0.4)
  • Fixed untrusted certificate error on OSX
  • Improved performance when joining a session (fixed window title change spamming on every change event)
  • Fixed restoration of eraser hard edge mode when switching tools

The most important change in this release is the performance fix. If joining sessions is causing Drawpile to lock up for you, this release may help with that.


Double release 1.0.4 and 2.0 beta 1

Aug. 6, 2016

Two new releases today: stable branch version 1.0.4 and the first beta of the new 2.0 series.

Changes in version 1.0.4 are:

  • Username length is now limited to 22 characters
  • Correct error message is now shown if the server is full
  • An error message is shown if the user's IP address has been banned
  • Cut&paste and fill operations can now be limited to session owners
  • User list can be included in session announcement
  • Undo override can now be used while session is locked

Version 1.0.4 is mostly compatible with previous versions, the exception being the cut&paste restriction. In older versions, the tools will not be disabled in the user interface, but will just fail to work.

Version 2.0.0 beta 1 is the first release of the 2.0 branch. It is not compatible with 1.0 branch versions and might not be compatible with the final 2.0.0 version.

Version 2.0.0 mostly lays groundwork for future development, but does have some new features visible to the end user. These include:

  • True live previews for line, rectangle and ellipse tools
  • New simplified session playback dialog
  • Session resetting


Drawpile 1.0.3 released

July 2, 2016

Afer a long wait, Drawpile 1.0.3 is finally ready!

As a stable branch release, this version is fully compatible with all 1.0.x versions, including future ones. Although this is a bugfix focused release, two interesting new features are introduced:

Session templates allow you to prepopulate a server with sessions. Once a template session ends, it resets to its initial state and continues to be available for joining. (See dedicated server help page for more info.)

Chat message pinning lets you pin a message to the chat window so it is always visible. For example, "/pin Visit drawpile.net" will attach "Visit drawpile.net" to the top of the chat box. Currently, only one message can be pinned at a time and only session operators can pin messages.

This is also the first version for which official Linux binaries packaged with AppImage are provided. In the future, I am also planning on providing Flatpaks.

Other changes in this version are:

  • Bugfix: the save dialog now remebers the last used path
  • Compatiblity with new miniupnpc library version
  • Fixed selection content stretching if selection was partially outside the canvas
  • Fixed saving of last edited keyboard shortcut in preferences dialog
  • Removed default canvas size limit
  • Recording buffer is now periodically flushed to minimize data loss in case of a crash
  • Selection mirror & flip buttons now automatically cut the selection
  • Flipbook playback range can now be selected