Drawpile 2.1.15 release

Dec. 7, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.15 is now out. This release primarily contains improvements to the server and a couple small new features to the client application.

One important new feature is support for "portable" mode. If Drawpile is started with the command line option --portable-data-dir PATH, it will store all its configuration in the given path. This allows you to copy the entire Drawpile folder to a USB stick and have all your settings travel with it.

Another new feature is related to the upcoming "Communities" section on the website. There is a new button titled "Add" in the Join dialog. When clicked, Drawpile will try to access http://SERVER-NAME/. If it finds a HTML <meta> tag with the name drawpile:list-server and a URL in the content, Drawpile will add it to the list shown in the dialog.

Server changes:

  • Added support for list server API 1.6
  • Added ext_host and ext_port fields to status API endpoint
  • Abuse report token can now be set via admin API
  • List server whitelist can now be edited via the API
  • Fixed memory leak in admin API
  • The server can now also serve web admin site static files
  • Server-gui: Added "welcome message" field

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Drawpile-cmd: OpenRaster export format now works
  • Added command line option to override data and config paths (portable app mode)
  • Added "closed" session list filtering option
  • Added "Add" button to join dialog for adding the server's associated list server


Drawpile 2.1.14 release

Nov. 17, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.14 is now out. This is another bugfix release that fixes some of the regressions that weren't fixed already in the previous version.

The primary big change in this version is that brush preset sorting by drag & drop works again. There is also a new related feature: presets can now be sorted into folders!

Note for people running servers: the admin API root path has changed! The paths are now prefixed with "/api", so "/status/" becomes "/api/status/". This change is to better support the new work-in-progress web admin frontend.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed dab spacing in default brush presets
  • Fixed that selecting a brush preset could change the eraser slot into a non-erasing mode
  • Fixed brush preset reordering by drag&drop
  • Fixed that pressing spacebar while drawing would cause strange input handling behavior
  • Fixed paste permission UI state


End of the year cleanup

Nov. 16, 2019 by callaa

In preparation for some changes to the web site, I'm doing a little end of the year cleanup.

First, the Gallery section is going away. New submissions are disabled and the entire section will be deleted sometime in the future. In its place, a new Community (name pending) section will be added. The community page will be a place to list your own communities, the server(s) it uses, community specific terms of service, moderator contacts, etc.

Second, unused user accounts will be removed. Any account that hasn't been used in the past year will be automatically deleted, freeing up the usernames for re-registration.


Drawpile 2.1.13 release

Nov. 3, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.13 is now out. This is a bugfix release that fixes some regressions introduced in the previous version.

Bugs fixed:

  • Spacebar would have to be pressed again after releasing the mouse/stylus button when dragging
  • Brush color is now initialized properly on fresh install.
  • Eraser now works again without having to explicitly select a color
  • Brush blending mode is saved correctly again
  • Disabled brush preset drag&drop reordering. (Temporary bandaid solution to a regression. Will be fixed properly in the next release.)

Other changes:

  • Replaced pressure checkboxes with toggle buttons to free up some vertical space
  • Removed arbitrary OpenRaster image size limit
  • Enabled High-DPI icons and scaling (crisp toolbar buttons on Retina displays!)


Drawpile 2.1.12 release

Oct. 20, 2019 by callaa

Version 2.1.12 is now out. This release contains various improvements to the user interface.

One big new feature in this version is configurable canvas shortcuts. This allows you to change the shortcut keys for canvas related actions (e.g. scrolling, rotating and color picker mode.) This, unfortunately, meant changing one existing shortcut: pressing the space bar now acts the same as pressing the middle mouse button. This might conflict with your existing muscle memory, but the shortcuts are now fully consistent.

When holding down modifier keys, the mouse cursor is now updated to indicate the active mode: zoom, rotate, color pick or layer pick.

Another big change is improved brush preview and editing. A new visual style is now used to better indicate the effect of the current blending mode. The "watercolor mode" button has been removed, instead smudging is now always available for all brush shapes.

There is also a change in the way brush presets are stored internally. Rather than the settings file or the registry, presets are stored as individual files. This should make it less likely that the presets disappear seemingly with no reason, and it also makes it possible to back up and copy them.

One more big UI change is a new drag handle style for selections. Instead of having to use keyboard shortcuts to rotate a selection, clicking on the selection now switches the handles between scaling and rotation/skew mode.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed lockup when opening a layered TIFF file
  • Fixed responsivity of tool quick adjustment by dragging
  • Server: session files are now named consistently
  • Fixed crash when using large-radius color picker near the edge of the canvas

Other changes:

  • Added Italian translation (contributed by Albano Battistella)
  • The same default curve is now used for velocity pressure emulation mode
  • drawpile-cmd: added support for outputting to stdout
  • The same default curve is now used for velocity pressure emulation mode
  • Server: file backed session file naming is now consistent when archive mode is enabled