Drawpile 2.0.10

March 17, 2018

Version 2.0.10 is now out. This is a minor bugfix release.

Changes in this version are:

  • Server: improved protection against data loss if server is terminated abruptly
  • Wintab relative tablet mode (mouse mode) hack must now be enabled explicitly, since it can cause glitches for normal tablet users
  • Removed tablet bug workaround mode (no longer necessary with the improved tablet event handlers. It now cause more problems than it fixes.)
  • Bugfix: creating layers with duplicate IDs is no longer possible
  • Bug workaround: the server now autokicks a user who is de-opped while resetting to prevent the reset image from garbling the session
  • Server: added a new option for automatically clearing database log history
  • Fixed crash when replacing current canvas with a new one while a selection existed
  • macOS version is now built with an older Qt version to restore support for older OSX versions


User Gallery

March 14, 2018

There is now a new section on the website: the Gallery.

The gallery is a place for Drawpile users to showcase their work and find new groups to join. The gallery section is still a work in progress; there are many planned features that are not yet ready, but the basics work: you can upload pictures, leave comments and create and join groups.

Note that the gallery is still an experimental feature, so please keep backups of everything you upload.


Drawpile 2.0.9

Feb. 25, 2018

Version 2.0.9 is now out. The main focus of this release is improved graphics tablet support. If you've been having problems using a graphics tablet with Drawpile, there's a good change this version will fix them.

Drawpile now uses Krita's new Windows Ink support code (good news for all Surface Pro users!), as well as their improved Wintab and XInput2 tablet event handlers.

After updating, remember to try unchecking the "enable bug workarounds" setting. Chances are you won't need it anymore.

Other fixes in this release:

  • Recordings are now prefiltered. This fixes various recording playback problems.
  • Fixed random duplicate frames in exported animations
  • Reverted the real time color history update feature
  • Active color is now remembered independently of the color history when swapping with X


  • The macOS package appears to be broken. (Missing libraries?) I recommend skipping this release and using the previous 2.0.8 version until next release.


Experimental Windows Ink support

Feb. 13, 2018

If you're having tablet trouble with Drawpile under Windows 10, here's a new experimental version for you. Normally, Drawpile relies on Qt's built in graphics tablet event handler, which uses the old Wintab API. This experimental update replaces Qt's built-in Wintab support with Krita's new Windows Ink native event handler.

Try out Drawpile 2.0.8 with Windows Ink support

See also the GitHub issue for this feature. Currently, I intend to make this a standard feature in the next release (for the 64 bit version, the 32 bit version will continue to use Wintab,) so if this breaks something for you, please report it so I can hopefully fix it before the actual release.


Drawpile 2.0.8 Release and Roadmap to 2.1.0

Feb. 11, 2018

Version 2.0.8 is now out. This will likely be the last release of the 2.0.x branch, unless more severe bugs are found. The next big release will be version 2.1.0.

Important fixes in this version:

  • Regression fix: autoreset no longer removes session permission settings
  • Manual resets now also preserve permissions
  • Fixed password remembering on Windows (also fixed in
  • Fixed that a server password would also get saved for ext-auth (also fixed in
  • Platform input method context plugins are now included in the AppImage

Other improvements:

  • Server: added support for SSL certificate chains and certificate auto-reloading
  • Server: web admin can now be used with socket activation
  • Server: support ext-auth "did" field
  • Better icons for authenticated users and mods
  • New session option: allow only authenticated users to join (requires server version 2.0.8)
  • Chatbox no longer shows "user joined" messages for users already in the session
  • macOS: a new window is now opened when the application icon is clicked if none is currently open.