Version 2.1.18

July 25, 2021

After a long pause, version 2.1.18 is finally out. This release includes the usual bug fixes, as well as a few cool new features, courtesy of Github user askmeaboutlo0m.

Bug fixes include:

  • Fixed inconsistent zooming at certain values
  • Fixed brush size adjustment shortcuts not working consistently
  • Fixed that undo operations would cause the layer list to scroll
  • Fixed moving a layer to the bottom-most position

New features:

  • Added French and Portugese translations
  • Input preferences can now be saved per tool
  • Brush cursor outline width can now be changed
  • Layer properties can now be edited in a dialog
  • Color wheel shape is now selectable
  • Maximum brush size and spacings can now be extended (affects sliders)
  • Added selection perspective transform mode

Breaking changes:

  • The way the active tool settings are saved is not compatible with previous Drawpile versions. Switching back to an older version after using 2.1.18 will result in missing tool settings.