Drawpile 2.0.2 Release

March 27, 2017 by callaa

Version 2.0.2 is now out. This release fixes the bug that would lock up the application when a session was reset, and many other bugs. It also adds a new logo contributed by Leandro Pacheco. In many ways, this is the release version 2.0.0 should have been.

Changes in this version include:

  • Fixed returning from fullscreen mode to maximized window
  • Fixed server crash when terminating an announced session
  • Restored missing "lock dock positions" feature
  • Messages received during reset while session history is full are now dropped (mitigates auto-reset loop of death)
  • Fixed layer selection after current layer is deleted
  • Separated layer delete & merge menu items
  • Various session template related fixes
  • Session history size is now displayed in the status bar
  • Fixed lockup on reset when navigator was visible
  • Reset no longer clears pinned chat message
  • Fixed "hide from self" layer menu item
  • Fixed selection moving when selection is partially (or completely) outside the canvas
  • Fixed Windows XP and Vista compatibility (32 bit version)


Known bugs that are fixed in the next release:

  • Application can crash when merging layers. Workaround: avoid merging layers.
  • Strokes disappear on a newly created layer (after deleting a layer.) Workaround: lock and unlock the layer.
  • Canvas disappears after a reset. Workaround: disable automatic resets. In some cases, a redo by the user who performed the reset may also fix the canvas.
  • Only one template session is shown in the join dialog. No workaround, but the hidden sessions can still be joined with their full URLs (drawpile://server/templatename)