This is the default public Drawpile server. Anyone can host and list sessions here.

Sessions will be terminated if there's no activity for an hour to keep the server available for everyone. If you want to have a session that stays open for longer, take a look at the other communities.


The rules from the common community guidelines apply to this and all other communities.

Refer to the link above for the rules. The most important ones are:

  • Be nice. If you can't be nice, be civil. Report issues through Session > Moderation > Report.
  • Sessions containing or named after adult content must be marked Not Suitable for Minors (NSFM). More extreme content must have a password.
  • Illegal or hateful content is forbidden. Depictions of minors in a sexual or suggestive way are forbidden too.

Again, the complete list of rules is under the common community guidelines.

Anyone join and host sessions on this server without an account.

You can use accounts on this server.

Sessions with a password can be joined via web browser.

Adult content permitted in sessions marked not suitable for minors (NSFM)


Bluestrings Liz


You can add this community to Drawpile to see these session listings directly on Drawpile's Browse page.

You can also add it manually by clicking on the Add button on the Browse page and entering