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A public server for Drawpile users.

This is a server intended for general use and to demonstrate Drawpile. You can host sessions using the pub.drawpile.net server, or you can host on your own server and list the session with the listing server.


  • Session titles must be kept clean. Profanity or racial, homophobic or transphobic or other slurs are not accepted
  • If a session contains NSFW material, it should be tagged and preferably password protected

Additionally, common community guidelines apply.

This server is open to unregistered users.

You can use drawpile.net accounts on this server.

Adult content permitted in tagged sessions


Bluestrings Liz


You can see these sessions directly inside Drawpile by adding this list server.
Simply enter pub.drawpile.net in the Join dialog and click the Add button.
Alternatively, you can add it via the List Servers tab of the Preferences dialog by copy pasting this URL: https://pub.drawpile.net/listing/