FoxDice Drawpile Group


Public drawpile server group for Asia region Drawpile users since 2021. So far, we have set up servers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Osaka, and Hong Kong. Dedicated to providing lower latency painting services for local users.


You can choose the server in the region where you and your friends are located. The following are the servers that have already been constructed: Beijing Server Beijing No.2 Server GuangZhou Server Osaka Server HongKong Server

If the current server has too many users, you can choose another server.


We provide a standard list server.

You can add in drawpile to broadcast your session


The rules from the common community guidelines apply to this and all other communities.

We haven't set too many rules.

But first of all, please make sure to follow the Common Community Guidelines

If you have serious violations of community terms, your account will be banned.

If you find any bad guys, please report them to us and provide relevant evidence if possible.

Feedback email: QQGroup: 161590750

~~Finally, we recommend that you register a account for a better experience^ ^~~

(Due to network connectivity issues, we migrated the login authentication system to on January 5, 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.)

Anyone join and host sessions on this server without an account.

You can use accounts on this server.

This server does not support joining sessions via web browser.

Adult content permitted in sessions marked not suitable for minors (NSFM)


aobacore RiverTown kissingfired 墙皮 Pistory


You can add this community to Drawpile to see these session listings directly on Drawpile's Browse page.

You can also add it manually by clicking on the Add button on the Browse page and entering