Sugar and Spice

Sugar & Spice is a pay to host Drawpile server. We seek to provide the best possible hosting service we can though an emphasis on community building and safety. We do this through providing robust behind the scenes moderator infrastructure and complementary community building resources to all boards that are a part of our server.


The rules from the common community guidelines apply to this and all other communities.

Server Rules

1 ) Users must be thirteen (13) years old or older to participate in this server

  • All users will be asked their age or date of birth when they join a board in this server, including all ages spaces. If they are found to be under the age of thirteen (13) they will be banned for six (6) months and all data related to their age will be deleted from server files to comply with COPPA.

2 ) Users must be eighteen (18) years old or older to participate in NSFW/NSFM spaces.

  • All users will be asked their age or date of birth when they join a board in this server. If they enter a NSFW/NSFM space and are found to be under the age of eighteen (18) they will be banned from the entire server until they reach their eighteenth birthday.

3 ) No illegal paraphilias. Users found creating or sharing relevant media on the server will be banned.

  • Art depicting minor and minor presenting characters in sexual situations - such as loli, shota, and cub - is banned.
  • Art depicting animals - both real and fictional - in sexual situations is banned. Bipedal furry/anthromorphic characters are not included.
  • Art depicting acts sexual acts with a unconscious or deceased body is banned.
  • Art or role-play depicting sexual encounters of non or dub consent are barred from being created or shared in public spaces. Such art and role-play is permitted only in private boards and only if all parties consent to it beforehand. Parties found to be pushing this sort of role-play on unwilling parties will be banned.
  • Art depicting the fetishization of bodily waste or interstitial fluids are barred from being created or shared in public spaces. Such artwork is only permitted in private boards.
  • Users found to be illegally exposing minors to inappropriate artwork or otherwise sexually grooming them will be banned.

4 ) No hate speech or symbols.

  • Use of any slur or symbol listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate speech is prohibited. Language actively disparaging a person or group of people based on characteristics they cannot innate control is also banned.

5 ) User profiles must be appropriate for all users.

  • Usernames must be appropriate for all persons and ages to view. This means that the use of words or names associated with an illegal paraphilias, lude acts, slurs, vulgar bodily functions, self-harm, and/or acts sexual violence are not allowed.
  • Use of graphically lewd or gory profile pictures is not allowed.

6 ) Harassment and trolling is not allowed.

  • Users may not troll, grief, or spam any board or user. Users who do so will be banned.
  • Users may not maliciously dox another user within the Drawpile server or on any social media account. Users who are found to be doxing another user will be banned.
  • Users may not continue to contact or interact with another user once said user has made a clear written statement they no longer wish to interact. It is suggested that if one is the person making such a declaration that one should screenshot it for future reference.

7 ) Use of stolen artwork is prohibited.

  • Users may not use artwork they do not have required permission to use. This includes photographs and drawings made by other persons who have posted their artwork online but have not explicitly consented to their use being shared or modified on other platforms.
  • Due to the current ethical and legal uncertainty of AI (artificial intelligence) generated artwork, its use as part of this server is currently barred.
  • Use of creative commons works, public domain works, and images donated to the discord may be used without concern or incident.
  • Users may use reference images to help them with posing, anatomy, foreshortening, and/or shading.

8 ) Users may not publish or broadcast another user’s artwork.

  • Users may not publicly publish another artist’s work without gaining written permission from the original artist.
  • Users may not take credit for artwork they do not create.
  • Users may not publicly stream or broadcast a board to a wider audience - such as on YouTube or Twitch - without informed consent from all current board participants. (See hosting rule 6 for more info.)

9 ) Users must respect board rules and moderation staff of whichever board they are currently in.

  • Users may not harass or otherwise berate board staff for any decision they make in the process of being a moderator. Doing so will result in a server wide ban.
  • Users who are banned from a board due to rule breaking may not attempt to evade a ban by coming back with an alt username or VPN. Doing so will result in a server wide ban.
  • Server moderation is not obligated to get any user in contact with a specific board’s staff.

Hosting Rules

1 ) To gain hosting rights in this server you must do one of the following: a ) Donate to Pepper A. Quinn’s patreon tier at the Sweet Bell Pepper ($ 3 USD) level or higher. Click here for donation link. b) Boost the discord at least one on a monthly renewal basis. c ) Be invited to volunteer as either tech or server moderation staff and perform one's job adequately. d) Win a contest in which the prize is hosting rights.

  • Hosting privileges are guaranteed from the first of each month into the last day of each month during each month the user donates to one of the above options.
  • Users with hosting privileges may host any one board permanently on the server or at the very least until the user stops donating their respective time, money, or boosts to the server.

2 ) Any boards allowing NSFW/NSFM content must be labeled as such.

  • Any board that allows extreme violence, gore, themes or depictions of hard drug use - not including tobacco marijuana, or alcohol - , nudity, lewd depictions or acts, and/or general kink must be tagged as NSFW.
  • Only users who are eighteen (18) years or older may join and participate in NSFW/NSFW boards.

3 ) Board names cannot be named after vulgar things or include hate speech.

  • Boards may not be named after bodily functions, include references to sex or genitalia, glorify an illegal paraphilia, include slurs, or act as a dog whistle to/for hate groups.

4 ) Board owners and staff must be eighteen (18) years or older.

  • Due to the sometimes graphic nature of what misbehaving users can create and force staff to endure, it is unethical to ask a minor to witness or interact with such an issue.
  • Board owners and staff who are found to be under the age of eighteen (18) will be banned from the server until they turn eighteen (18.)

5 ) Boards must check the ages of all users who pass through them.

  • Users must be asked if they are or are not older than thirteen (13) years old. If a user is found to be under the age of thirteen (13) they must be banned and reported to server staff. Their data must then be permanently deleted from any record logs the board has outside of the fact the user is under thirteen (13) years old.
  • If a board is NSFW/NSFM then all users must be above the age of eighteen (18) to participate. They must do so by asking for a user's full birthday. If a user is found to be younger than eighteen (18) years old, they must be immediately banned and reported to server moderation.
  • Boards found to be refusing or neglecting to do age checks will be shut down by server staff.
  • Any board owner found to be knowingly allowing someone underaged - less than thirteen in SFW boards or less than eighteen in NSFW boards - will lose their board hosting privileges immediately.
  • Any non-board owning board moderator who actively hides a user’s underaged status to their board owner or server moderation will be banned from the server.

6 ) Boards must announce if they are being broadcast live.

  • Any board that is being streamed to a public audience - such as on Twitch or Youtube - must include the exact characters “ [BROADCASTING] “ in the board’s title to inform any potential user.
  • Any user who joins a board with this warning in the title will be implied to have given consent to be streamed while in the board. Board owners may make and enforce any rules they see fit.

7 ) A board’s ruleset cannot be laxer than the server rules, but may enforce stricter guidelines.

  • Boards may ban anybody they wish from accessing their board for any reason. They do not need to give a warning or explanation.

User Rights

1 ) Users have the right to feel safe.

  • Users have the right to draw in an environment where they are not being harassed or attacked by other users.

2 ) Users have the right to request their data be deleted from server files.

  • Users may request that their data be deleted from our records. Upon receival of this request server staff will search and destroy all server accessible data that are relevant to the requesting user.
  • Non-staff users may choose to record or keep screenshots of past sessions. Server staff has no control over these individual actors and therefore is not responsible for this data.

3 ) Users have the right to appeal a server wide ban.

  • Users are not guaranteed the right to appeal board specific bans, but they can appeal server wide bans.
  • Ban appeals may be made directly after the offense or during special ban appeal months.
  • Ban appeals will occur biannually during the months of January and July.
  • Ban appeals are to be submitted via to OR @sugarandspice_admin on Discord. They must include both acknowledgement and apology directly addressing the reason why the user was banned.
  • Ban appeals will not be accepted outside of these listed times and circumstances.
  • Successful ban appeals are not guaranteed to result in social reintegration back into the community.

An account is required to join sessions on this server. Hosting sessions is limited to specific users.

You can use accounts on this server.

This server does not support joining sessions via web browser.

Adult content permitted in sessions marked not suitable for minors (NSFM)