Joining a drawing session

[join dialog screenshot]

To join a session, select the Join action from the Session menu.

Enter the address given by the hosting user and your username, then click Join. You can also enter a five letter room code (like ABCDE). If the code is valid, it is automatically replaced by the full address.

If the server is running on a port other than the default (27750), the port number should be included in the address.

Note: When connecting to an IPv6 address, the address must be enclosed in square brackets (e.g. [fe80::0202:1234:4567:89ab])

Checking the record session box will automatically start recording. The recording will be placed in the My documents (or equivalent) folder.

[session discovery dialog screenshot]

Press Find to browse public sessions listed via the announce feature.

When Zeroconf/Bonjour support is enabled, the listing server list contains the special entry "Nearby" which lists all running servers discovered in the local network.

By default, the list server is included. You can also add more lists in the Preferences dialog.

It may take some time to get up to speed with the session. If you start drawing and your strokes disappear, it is probably because you haven't caught up yet. The strokes will reappear once the whole session has been synchronized.