Customizable shortcuts

All menu and action button shortcuts can be customized. Go to Edit/Preferences and select the Shortcuts tab to get a list of all modifiable shortcuts.

Canvas shortcuts

The modifier keys (shift, control, alt and meta) used for these shortcuts can be changed via Canvas shortcuts preferences screen tab.

Scrolling: There are three scrolling shortcuts:

  • Hold the middle mouse button and drag
  • Hold spacebar and drag
  • Hold the lower stylus rocker button and drag

Dragging: Use the middle mouse button (or the stylus button) OR hold down spacebar and drag normally.

Rotating the view:

  • Hold Alt and drag to rotate the view
  • Shift+, and Shift+. to rotate in 5° increments (customizable)
  • Ctrl+R to reset rotation (customizable)

Zooming: There are three zooming methods:

  • Zoom in/out with Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- (customizable)
  • Zoom with Ctrl+mouse wheel up&down
  • Hold Ctrl and drag up & down.

Brush size adjustment: The brush size can be adjusted quickly in two ways:

  • Press [ or ] (customizable)
  • Mouse wheel up&down while holding Shift
  • Hold Shift and drag up & down.

Show/hide docks: Press Tab (customizable.)

Quick color picking: Hold down control and click to pick the color under the cursor.

Brush slots: Quickly activate a tool brush slot with the number keys 1-5.

Temporary tool switching: Hold down tool shortcut key to temporarily switch to that tool or brush slot. Once the key is released, the previous tool will be automatically reselected.

Eraser mode: Toggle the current tool's eraser mode by Ctrl+E (customizable)

Show/hide chat: Press Alt+C (customizable)

Switch layers:

  • Quickly switch to the layer above or below with Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down (customizable)
  • Pick layer under cursor by clicking while holding Ctrl+shift

Selection manipulation: Click on the selection to toggle between scale and rotation modes