Drawpile 1.0.1 released

Aug. 9, 2015 by callaa

Drawpile 1.0.1 is out!

This is a stable release that is fully compatible with version 1.0.0 and any future 1.0.x versions.

Changes in this version are:

  • Improved smoother (thanks to Philip Boulain)
  • New feature: color picker sampling area can now be adjusted
  • Chat message URL detector now supports port numbers
  • Dedicated server can now send a welcome message to new users
  • Recording index generation is now faster and generates smaller files
  • Added notification to session finder if age restricted sessions were hidden
  • Fixed "reset size" action for lasso selections
  • Fixed disappearing selection when switching from rectangle to lasso tool
  • Fixed listing server choice recall
  • Slighly improved performance when joining long running sessions
  • Clicking on a drawpile:// link now opens the join dialog instead of connecting directly