Drawpile 1.0.3 released

July 2, 2016

Afer a long wait, Drawpile 1.0.3 is finally ready!

As a stable branch release, this version is fully compatible with all 1.0.x versions, including future ones. Although this is a bugfix focused release, two interesting new features are introduced:

Session templates allow you to prepopulate a server with sessions. Once a template session ends, it resets to its initial state and continues to be available for joining. (See dedicated server help page for more info.)

Chat message pinning lets you pin a message to the chat window so it is always visible. For example, "/pin Visit drawpile.net" will attach "Visit drawpile.net" to the top of the chat box. Currently, only one message can be pinned at a time and only session operators can pin messages.

This is also the first version for which official Linux binaries packaged with AppImage are provided. In the future, I am also planning on providing Flatpaks.

Other changes in this version are:

  • Bugfix: the save dialog now remebers the last used path
  • Compatiblity with new miniupnpc library version
  • Fixed selection content stretching if selection was partially outside the canvas
  • Fixed saving of last edited keyboard shortcut in preferences dialog
  • Removed default canvas size limit
  • Recording buffer is now periodically flushed to minimize data loss in case of a crash
  • Selection mirror & flip buttons now automatically cut the selection
  • Flipbook playback range can now be selected