Drawpile 2.1.6 release

April 6, 2019

Version 2.1.6 is now out. For Windows users, this release fixes the tablet problems that appeared in the previous 2.1.5 version.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Fixed tablet support in the Windows build
  • Fixed that the chat box would autoscroll when not scrolled to the bottom
  • Fixed session settings shortcut clash with the fullscreen shortcut (F11) by removing the default shortcut for session settings
  • Fixed lines being drawn across the canvas if session reset occurs while midstroke

Features and other changes:

  • Added Night Mode (Windows and Linux only at the moment, support for macOS coming later)
  • Session permissions can now be saved as presets
  • New shortcut: Tab now hides or shows toolbars and docks
  • Added an option to share the same color across all tool slots
  • Session can now be reset to an image loaded from file
  • Scrollbars are now hidden in fullscreen mode
  • Added "pick color from layer" brush mode
  • Enabled smooth canvas scaling at certain zoom levels (1-200% or 1-800% when rotated)