Version 2.2 beta 9

Nov. 11, 2023 by askmeaboutloom

Drawpile 2.2 beta 9 is out now! Download it here.

Update: There was a problem with Drawpile not starting if it was the first time you ran it. This is fixed in 2.2 beta 10!

This version is a release candidate. That means no new features are expected to be added to it until the final release, but bugfixes and translations may.

That means if you have any bugs to report or stuff that's still missing for you to work properly, now is the time to report them so that they can get handled before Drawpile comes out of beta! Have a look at the help page on how to report things.

Changes in this Release

This release represents about a month and a half of development. Among many other things, support for PSD files has been added, the animation tools have received some more improvements and the sound effects have been changed to something less terrifying. The server side has also been upgraded with a variety of features to improve hosting long-term sessions, make moderation easier and hopefully reduce confusion around the login process.

The full set of changes is listed below, along with links to the development blog article that talks about it, if applicable.


A new article on customizing sounds, icons and themes has been added.


Thanks to everyone who reported issues and suggested features to make Drawpile better. Thank you to the translators who make it more accessible. And as always a special thanks goes to the moderators that continue to keep things running, despite VPS providers trying their best to do otherwise.